You’ve seen fancy pansy persuasive design sketches before. Let us tell You this: That is not how it usually works. Most of our design projects are born on a piece of paper, in a note book or like this, on a bumpy van ride between Morgan Hill and San Francisco, in a note book with a Sharpie.

Telephone scribble is about getting as much of Your idea onto paper, as fast as possible, making sure you don’t lose it.  When You get them sweet ideas flying around your head, there is not time to go fancy on lines ore detailing. Those initial sketches are notes for yourself. Next steps includes more scribble or sketches worthy to present to others.

Is it going to happen?

(Source: thegrreatescape)


Hillary and Brian sent us some cool pictures of their "His and Hers" matchy matchy Awols. From two Awol Comp frame-sets, they built these two awesome touring (do it all) radventure machines. Some old parts and some new. They ended up with the nicely utilitarian Soma racks, platform pedals, Supernova Infinity front dynamo hub to power up the usb charger called The Plug on the stem cap and a mixed Shimano and Sram smorgosbord. They’ll dress up the racks with some Ortlieb City front panniers and a Chrome top duffle and writes.

His and hers awols:) Nothing too epic yet, but we have been commuting to work on these absolutely fantastic bikes. Just makes the ride that much more fun and enjoyable even if it is a little heavier. We are obsessed. Can’t wait for some knobby tire camping.

Hillary and Brian, we’re stoked for You, keep Your radventures going and pictures coming. Thanks for sharing!